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Car Sun shade printing is taking important role to do brand your logo and promote your business especially in Dubai, UAE in more effective way. Sahara printing do various sun shades, single color and multi colors printing. Car Sun shade allows your business brand and promote as far as possible
As a UAE no 1 car sunshade supplier and printing company, Printing press dubai provides wide range of car sunshades in white tyvek and silver polyester material which perfectly suitable for outdoor and indoor solution and best tool to make your advertising without boundary.

  • Reliable, cheap and on time car sunshade printing and delivery in sharjah, dubai, ajman, abudhabi, al ain, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain and Africa
  • Car sunshade printing is cheap budget advertising but its effective
  • Car sunshade protect your car dash board and make less temperature inside while you park
  • Premium and luxury car sunshade with custom design and printing
  • Car sunshade with pouch available in logo printed
  • Single color and multi process colors printing on car sunshade
  • Special Multi colours process any design, any colours, same like digital printing possible on car sunshade
  • white sunshade, silver sunshade stock avialble in round and square shape
  • almost all car sunshade sizes available in stock saloon car and SUV car as well
  • UV protected coating on car sunshade which protect car dash board from direct sun light
  • Heat control car shades available in stock
  • special robotic silk screen printing machinery for bulk and cheap car sunshade prnting in UAE
  • car sunshade material available in Tyvek, nylon, polyster car sunshades in our stock


 Material  Size  Print Area  Printing Machine
 Tyvek  90cm * 90cm  60cm * 60cm  Robotic Silk Screen
 Polyester  90cm * 90cm  60cm * 60cm  Auto Silk Screen
 Custom  92cm * 92cm  90cm * 90cm  Direct Printing


Sunshade for Toyota

In the UAE, we provide exclusive and premium car sunshades for Toyota models, with special logo printing in multiple colors and dealer logo printing. Toyota car sunshades shield the dashboard while controlling heat.


Sunshade for Jaguar

Our premium car sunshades are now available in the UAE for Jaguar models. As a gift for your clients, you can send Jaguar car sunshades imprinted with your company's promotional logo and information about the products.


Sunshade for Maserati

In the UAE, we offer all types of car sunshades for Maserati models. These car sunshades can be used as a promotional item for your company by imprinting the company name and product details on them.


Sunshade for Mercury

Supplier of Mercury car sunshades in UAE to reach a large number of customers for advertising and marketing promotions at a reasonable price. Our high-quality Mercury car model sunshades come in a variety of colors.


Sunshade for Mercedes Bens

Sunshades for Mercedes Bens vehicles and its model are of the highest caliber and quality. Our high-quality Mercedes Bens car sunshades are widely used as low-cost promotional items in the UAE and the Middle East.


Sunshade for Mazda

We provide high-quality Mazda car sunshades in Dubai to shield the dash board and leather seats from direct sunlight. We can print the dealer and vehicle logos on Mazda car sunshades as well.


Sunshade for Lincoln

Lincoln car sunshades with logo printing and dealer information can be printed in both circles of car shades that we supply in the UAE. The square and round circle shapes on our unique car sunshades are white and silver.


Sunshade for Lexus

In the UAE, we provide all types of car sunshades that are suitable for Lexus vehicle models. Our special car sunshades for Lexus are reasonably priced and made of high-quality materials that come with a three-year outdoor warranty.


Sunshade for Land Rover

We have polyester and Tyvek material Land Rover car sunshades available. We provide all types of Land Rover car sunshades in a variety of printing colors and border styles. The Land Rover logo is printed with the car sunshades.


Sunshade for Kia

We have all models of Kia cars sunshade in stock, and we can also customize different sizes and models. We can produce car sunshades with the Kia logo in a single color or multiple colors based on the customer's specifications.


Sunshade for Jeep

In the UAE, we provide high-quality Jeep car sunshades with logo printing. Offering the best price, special material of the highest quality, and UV coating to protect the Jeep car dash board and leather seats. We have luxury Jeep car sunshades too.


Sunshade for Hyundai

We can produce and supply all types of Hyundai car sunshades for all models of vehicles. Our high-quality car sunshades are ideal for Hyundai cards with brand name and dealer logo printing. We also provide an outdoor warranty.


Sunshade for Honda

We are the primary supplier of Honda car sunshades, offering almost every model and brand in the ideal size and color. We provide all Honda car sunshades with premium multicolor printing and weather-resistant materials.


Sunshade for Ford

Supplying top-notch Ford car sunshades in the UAE with personalized logo printing and dealer information. Any business or company can use these sunshades to advertise their products.


Sunshade for Dodge

Producing high-quality car sunshades for the Dodge brand and model. Our high-quality car sunshade for the Dodge brand comes with a 3-year outdoor warranty on the shades and printing colors.


Sunshade for Tesla

Tesla model-specific high-end car sunshade blind with printed logo. When parked, our premium Tesla car sunshades shield the interior from damage and also reduce heat from the sun. It is also the best marketing tool.


Sunshade for Suzuki

We provide premium car sunshades in appropriate sizes and colors for Suzuki car models and makes. Luxury car sunshades with special colors printing and UV coating heat resistance material are also available for Suzuki vehicles.


Sunshade for Rolls Royce

For Rolls Royce car models, we offer high-end car blinds with unique pouches. When the car is delivered to the showroom, we provide Rolls Royce car sunshades with the dealer's information and logo printed on them as gifts.


Sunshade for Porsche

We provide high-quality Porsche car sunshade printing services in the UAE, with a variety of sizes and options. Our luxury Porsche car sunshades are the best option for heat resistance and energy savings while parking your vehicle.


Sunshade for Nissan

All types of car sunshades for Nissan car brands and models are available with custom logo printing. We provide high-quality materials for our outdoor Nissan car sunshades to create the best advertising tool for your promotional needs in the United Arab Emirates.


Sunshade for GMC

We offer car sunshades for GMC automakers in the UAE with custom logo printing and dealer information as well. For GMC vehicle sunshades with pouch logo printing, we also offer special pricing and services.


Sunshade for Mitsubishi

We provide high-end auto sunshades for Mitsubishi vehicles in the UAE. Our custom Mitsubishi car sunshades can be printed using a special CMYK process with single color to multicolor images. having materials that resist heat as well.


Sunshade for Chrysler

We are a top supplier of car sunshades for Chrysler vehicles of all models in the United Arab Emirates. A large selection of Chrysler car shades are available with logo printing in single or multiple colors.


Sunshade for Chevrolet

We provide Chevrolet vehicle sunshades with printed logos for their brand and model. While parking, our Chevrolet car sunshades can shield the leather seats and dash board in front of the vehicle. We also offer a variety of high-end Tesla car shades.


Sunshade for BMW

We provide high-end auto shades in the UAE for BMW vehicle models. In order to conserve energy and the AC in the car, we produce unique car shades for BMW with multicolor printing and top-notch heat resistance material.


Sunshade for Cadillac

All types of premium car sunshades for Cadillac car brands and models are available with custom logo printing. We provide high-quality materials for Cadillac car sunshades to create the best advertising tool for your promotional needs in the Dubai.

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